Horton Classic Car Museum adding almost 20,000 sq. ft

One of the classic cars enthusiasts can see at the Horton Classic Car Museum in downtown Nocona once belonged to famous actress Sandra Bullock.

Now, the museum is currently undergoing a massive expansion, growing by nearly 19,000 square feet. The museum’s physical address is 115 W. Walnut Street as Nocona residents Pete and Barbara Horton offer a glimpse of their extensive collection in this public setting. Read the full story on these expansion plans in the Saturday Bowie News. Pictured – A slab has been poured for the new addition, located adjacent to the car museum in downtown Nocona. Inset – The front of the present car museum. Photo by Eric Viccarohorton front for web


2 Comments on Horton Classic Car Museum adding almost 20,000 sq. ft

  1. I think they are trying to beautify Nocona but they should also do a lot more hiring. Who wants to view a billionaire and his cars when most of us can barely afford to live here. due to most people like the Horton s who are hiring hispainics.

  2. complete waste of time and money. they should put in a real business and bring our economy up here. the car place is always closed and who wants to see a billionaire and his prettys most of us are trying to get jobs and no one is doing any type of productive business here to bring in jobs.

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