Saint Jo NIE Week 18

The Saint Jo Junior High academic UIL meet was Dec. 10, at Slidell.

Saint Jo Junior High School was well represented at the meet between the nine team district, finishing third behind Slidell and Tioga.

Individual and team placings by event were as follows for Saint Jo JH:
Seventh grade art – first place, Tristan Thomas, second place, Lauren Fleniken and first place team- Thomas, Fleniken and Brawner
Eighth grade art – fifth place, Delilah Wagner and third place team- Hilton, Wagner, Haney, Lopez and Anderson
Seventh grade calculator applications – fourth place, Hunter Garrett and hied place team- Morman, Garrett and Solis
Seventh grade chess – second place, Hunter Garrett, fifth grade, Ben Koesler and second place team- Garrett, Reed and Koesler
Seventh grade dictionary skills – second place, Bailey Parker
Eighth grade dictionary skills – sixth place, Dawson Kline and third place team- Kline, Hacker and Stiteler
Seventh grade impromptu speaking – fifth place, Aaron Reed
Eighth grade impromptu speaking – fourth place, Lexi Hilton
Seventh grade listening – second place, Cassie Holland, fourth place, Jarrod Reeves, sixth place, Cody Thurman and first place team- Thurman, Reeves and Holland
Eighth grade listening – third place, Kalei Prine, fifth place, Bailey Melton and third place team- Melton, Prine and Sutton
Seventh grade maps, graphs and charts – sixth place, Rachel Vogel and second place team- Hacker, Garrett and Vogel
Eighth grade maps, graphs, and charts – first place, Kalei Prine and third place team- Prine, Melton and Lopez
Seventh grade modern oratory – third place, Kymber Pittman
Eighth grade modern oratory – second place, Jessica Cannon and third place, Lexi Hilton
Seventh grade number sense – second place, Rachel Vogel, second place team- Reeves, Fleniken and Vogel
Eighth grade oral reading – second place, Kloe Tallon
Seventh grade ready writing – third place, Lauren Fleniken
Seventh grade science – fifth place, Josh Miller
Seventh grade social studies – second place, Cassie Holland
Eighth grade social studies – fourth grade, Mario Lopez
Seventh grade spelling – first place, Tristan Thomas, second place, Lauren Fleniken and first place team- Fleniken, Thurman and Thomas
Eighth grade spelling – third place, Mario Lopez and first place team- Lyons, Lopez and Diaz