Forestburg NIE Week 34

Spring Season By: Mr. James S.
There once was a sunny spring day
When all the trees started to sway.
Those trees began to bloom,
In the day about noon.

The birds were beginning to fly.
High up in the bright blue sky.
Spring is turkey season,
And I hunt them with a few seasons.

Spring Poem By: Hunter
I am having so much fun
in the very hot sun,
and the big blue sky
is very high!

By: Keeleigh
Spring is here
Stand up and cheer.
Flowers growing in the day
and sunshine shining all day.

The bees are buzzing all around
From top to bottom till they reached the ground.
The birds are chirping in the sky
While they are flying high in the clouds.

By: Ashlyn G.
In the Spring,
the birds love to sing.
They fly really high
in the cloudless sky.

There is always a warm breeze
blowing in the trees,
with lots of bumble bees buzzing
on the new leaves.

By: Levi
The flowers are blooming.
The sun is out.
It is Spring,
And everybody’s out.

By: Will
The grass is green,
The sky is blue.
The heat is mean,
and the snakes are too.

The grass is green,
The sky is blue.
I like Spring,
How about you?