Historical commission unveils new historical marker

By Johnell Thompson, historical commission

The crowd sat spellbound on April 18 as the story of the Southward Magee Cemetery unfolded.

Memories were confirmed, new understandings were gained and mysteries from days gone-by were solved. What had begun as a program to recognize a veteran defender of San Jacinto, believed by some to be buried there, wound up as a fascinating detective story.

Detectives soon found that story had serious glitches and turned their energies to recognize the awesome characters from 1860 and early 1870 as heroes and families who rest together at Southward Magee.

Benefits of the dedication have been great for the sometimes neglected cemetery. It now boasts known ownership by the County of Montague and an impressive clean-up led by the Forestburg Historical Society and friends.

Read the full story in the weekend News. Pictured:

The marker was unveiled at the closing of the program by Sheree Roberts, FHS president, assisted by John C. Roberts IV and under the watchful eyes of Tobie Thompson, MCCPB and the young Stephen Roberts. (Courtesy photo)