‘Bill’ bashes Montague County with heavy rain

snow's marina inside
The store at Snow’s Marina at Lake Nocona was flooded when the lake levels rose due to more than 12 inches of rainfall Wednesday. (Photo by Danna Snow)

Montague County was hit hard by Tropical Storm Bill with major flooding of roads and property across the county.

Rainfall reports span 12.64 inches reported by the Nocona Fire Department and 9.35 inches recorded at the Nocona Water Plant, to 5.42 inches recorded in Bowie.

As of Thursday at 3 p.m. Amon Carter Lake was at 927.26 msl, up 5.29 feet from the Monday level of 921.97 msl. By Friday at 9 a.m. the level was at 926.91 msl.

Lake Nocona at 3 p.m. Thursday was at 835.14 msl, which was 7.1 feet above its Monday level of 828.04 msl. By 9 a.m. Friday the level dropped to 830.69 msl.

While there were multiple water rescues and accidents during the storm, the most serious occurred at Eldorado and Patterson Streets, where some children were playing outside. A nine-year-old Bowie boy was saved from drowning after he was swept into a storm drain. Read the full story of this rescue and other storm damage in the Saturday News.

Pictured: The Meghan and Colt Langford home in the Nocona Hills area of Lake Nocona was flooded Wednesday when nearly 13 inches of rain fell across Nocona. See more storm damage photos in the Saturday News. (Photo by Meghan Langford)