Bowie boy 9, rescued from high water

A nine-year-old Bowie boy is recovering in a Metroplex hospital following his rescue after he was swept under water into a storm drain during Wednesday afternoon’s rainfall.

Montague County was hit hard by Tropical Storm Bill with major flooding of roads and property across the county. Rainfall reports span 12.64 inches reported by the Nocona Fire Department and 9.35 inches recorded at the Nocona Water Plant, to 5.42 inches recorded in Bowie.

While there were multiple water rescues and accidents during the storm, the most serious occurred at Eldorado and Patterson Streets, where some children were playing outside.

Assistant Police Chief Kent Stagg said the 911 call of a child under water came in at 4:13 p.m. Wednesday. A creek runs through the property of the Grove at Brushy Creek Apartments.

Stagg said there is a storm drain that crosses by back entrance of the cemetery, which faces Eldorado.

“Colby Price, was outside playing with some friends,” explains the officer, “when he was swept off his feet into the drain.”

Colby is the son of Christy and Cody Price.

Josh Graham, apartment maintenance worker, and Chad Summers, pulled the boy out of the water and found him unconscious. Stagg said he was told they used cardio pulmonary resuscitation to revive him.

The ambulance arrived and transported him immediately to Bowie Memorial Hospital. Stagg said the boy was awake and gave him a wave. He was transported to Cook Children’s Hospital, where his mother reported he was doing well on Thursday morning.

Read more on Wednesday flooding in the weekend News.  Pictured, the drainage ditch on Nelson Street at Patterson was filled to overflowing Wednesday afternoon. (Photo by Barbara Green)


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  1. The picture that is on the cover of this story IS NOT WHERE THE INCIDENT HAPPENED. This picture in on Nelson just before Patterson. The apartments are further away on Patterson.

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