BMH chief resigns to support tax district vote; Gold-Burg ISD added to petition

Bowie Memorial Hospital Interim Chief Executive Officer Lynn Heller informed the board Tuesday afternoon he would resign in order to assist with passage of the taxing district for the hospital.

The board also voted to amend it original petition to include not only the Bowie, but Gold-Burg School Districts. The board debated possible offering two ballots to voters that would include Bowie, Gold-Burg and Forestburg ISDs, along with the original ballot with Bowie ISD. However, in the end they opted to amend the original.

Heller said the resignation would be effective on Monday. He has asked Ernie Parisi, another consulting member of the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals, to come and serve as the interim CEO.

Read the full story in the mid-week News and watch for additional information in Saturday News on this new tax district petition proposal. Pictured: Lynn Heller, interim CEO at Bowie Memorial Hospital (file photo)