Job carries WEIGHT – CVE Trooper enjoys daily challenge


Nearly 20,000 vehicles travel across Montague County each day via U.S. Highway 287. Of that total, between 28 to 38 percent is truck traffic or vehicles with double-axles.

That is only a portion of the highway traffic that passes through Montague County traveling along U.S. 81, U.S. 82 and all other roads in between.

Texas Highway Patrol Trooper 5 James Bacon serves as the commercial vehicle enforcement officer in Montague County, a job he took on in mid-2014.

For the last two and a half years he has worked CVE in Wise County. Bacon, a 16-year DPS veteran, makes his home in Bowie with his wife Melissa and son, Lance.

The trooper thought it might be a new challenge to move into CVE so when the opening came up in Wise County, he applied and got the post. Today he is a fully certified level 1 CVE officer who can examine anything on a commercial vehicle.

Meet the county CVE trooper and learn about his job featured in the weekend News. Pictured: Trooper James Bacon stands with one of the portable scale machines he uses in examining large commercial vehicles. (Photo by Barbara Green)