Serial killer nurse seeking new trial; requests hearing

Vickie Dawn Jackson, a former Nocona General Hospital nurse who is serving life for killing 10 patients with a paralyzing drug, was back in a Montague County courtroom Thursday for a hearing to seek a new trial.

In October 2006 just as her trial was starting, Jackson pleaded no contest in the deaths of 10 people occurring between December 2000 and February 2001.

Dubbed the “angel of death,” investigators have indicated the nurse may be responsible for as many as 24 deaths injecting them with the respiratory paralytic mivacurium chloride. The drug causes patients to stop breathing. Jackson worked as a licensed vocational nurse.

In a handwritten petition dated March 18, 2014, Jackson asked for court-appointed legal counsel to assist in her request for additional DNA testing on a syringe believed to have been used in the murders.

Attorney Julia Bella represented Jackson. The defense would like to have a new trial, while the prosecution wants the writ dismissed. Read the full story on Thursday’s hearing in the weekend Bowie News.

Pictured above, Vickie Jackson back in the Montague County Courthouse Thursday for an evidentiary hearing.