IMPACT – BOWIE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Wildfire to emergency trauma: firefighters often the first line of defense

Editor’s note: IMPACT is an ongoing series exploring the consequences the possible closure of Bowie Memorial Hospital could mean for the community and county.

This is a two-part story on the Bowie Ambulance Service which focuses on staffing for the fire and ambulance, services, equipment and finances.

“Ninety percent of the time we operate within a minute or two of coming to you either in an ambulance or fire truck. Having that facility here means that much and it could be a life-and-death difference,” explains Fire Chief Doug Page.

Time is one of the biggest factors for the City of Bowie Ambulance Service and Fire Department, and those precious minutes will elapse more quickly if Bowie Memorial Hospital was closed.

The future of the local ambulance service has been debated by the public since financial problems with the hospital worsened and the board voted to pursue a taxing district election.

Those associated with the city service said while they can point to possible changes if the hospital closed, there is really no way to know at this point.

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