90-year-old calls it a ‘wonderful distinction’


A few days away from celebrating her 90th birthday, Evalena Fenoglio says the secret to her long life is “hard work and dedication to the Lord.”

Fenoglios can be found all across Montague County, but Evalena is believed to be the oldest member of the clan still living in the county.

She calls it a “wonderful distinction,” but laughs that her brother Alvin, 93, would take her title if he didn’t live in Fort Worth.

While her birthday is Aug. 5, family and friends will celebrate on Aug. 2 with a party at St. Williams Catholic Church in Montague.

Evalena was happy to reflect on her life, but was quick to say there are some things she may not remember too clearly. She is not too concerned about turning 90, “I don’t feel any different than I did 10 years ago.”

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Pictured: Evalena Fenoglio prepares to celebrate her 90th birthday (News photo by Barbara Green)