Front-porch stories, small town life bring book to life


Longtime Sunset resident Danny Russell has brought his insatiable curiosity and imagination together with a love of writing to create his first book, “The World Was Flat.”

It is a venture he hopes not only will entertain, but help raise funds for the future Sunset Community Center. A portion of the proceeds will go toward that building project.

The 65-year-old Russell was born in Fort Worth, but his family has deep roots in the Sunset area. He spent many hours on the front porch as a child listening to his grandparents’ stories.

Stories have always come easy to Russell as his imagination often “runs wild.” When his children were small he would think up bedtime stories, and when they traveled spin adventure tales.

When he seriously began to consider writing a book about three years ago, he simply sat down and started writing. He drew upon his own surroundings as young man in Sunset and many of his own experiences, to create the story of five boys searching for their future as they grow up in a small rural Texas town. Read the full feature in your weekend News.