Pelham Park may get state historical marker

Pelham Park, which dates back to 1895 when it was home to Confederate soldiers returning from the Civil War, could soon have its own Texas Historical Marker.

Barbara Winingham addressed the Bowie City Council Tuesday making the request on behalf of the Amity Club of Bowie. This marker will be funded by the Carter family, which originally sold the land to the camp. The council gave its approval for the request.

Winingham said she has been working closely with Milta Carter to gather material for the application.

“It has been the desire of the Carter family for many years to have a memorial to their family exhibited on the grounds of Pelham Park. Their great grandmother, Charlotte Jane Davis Carter, sold 27.5 acres to the Pelham Camp, Sons of the Confederacy in 1901,” explained Winingham.

Read more about the history of the Pelham Confederate camp in the weekend News.

Photo: This group of Civil War veterans met at Pelham Camp in Bowie around 1912. Although the men are not identified, the woman was thought to be Mrs. Ayers, who was secretary to the group many years. (Courtesy photo- 100 years of Montague County history)


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  1. So glad Milta has this re ognition. Thank you Barbara for leading this effort. I’m sure your experience in historical matkers, etc. has been instrumental in achieving the recognition.

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