Bowie NIE 2015 Week 6

By Macie McCollum,
BJH eighth grader
During our fifth week of school, Bowie Junior High had a lot going on. There was a pep rally, volleyball tournament, seventh grade science labs, eighth grade working on a paper about their names, and the robotics team started their robots. Our school has been very busy.
The pep rally this week was just as exciting as the one the week before. The cheerleaders preformed a new dance and the band performed a new song they had been working on. The cheerleaders also had a super stunt!
This weekend our A teams in volleyball went to the Jacksboro tournament. Our seventh grade A team got second in the tournament, and they came close to winning the tournament. The eighth grade team won once and worked very hard at the tournament.
Our seventh graders had some exciting labs in Miss Tate’s class. One of the labs was over geotropism. Our eighth graders worked on writing a paper about their name. They included how they got their name, what it means or means to their family, if they were named after anyone, and any funny stories about their name.
Another group that is hard at work is the robots group. They are starting to build their robots and figuring out ways that they are going to make their robots the best. Their area competition is in January.
In Side’s classroom the students were working on fun fall crafts projects. They were also learning about fall.
So as you can see Bowie Junior High is busy at work. If it is with science, reading, band, cheer, athletics, crafts ,or robots everyone has a lot going on. From the looks of it, every group is succeeding.