Nocona NIE 2015 Week 5

Nocona Elementary

Nocona kindergarten students using technology for math in the classroom.

Nocona Middle School

Nocona Middle School Braves cheerleaders and football players rally the crowd with school spirit at the first pep rally of the school year. Cheerleaders (L-R) Jessica Dingler, Laramie Hayes, Rhiana Ellis, Karsen Finley, Kycelynn Contreras, Koryahna Ramsey, Marybeth Morrison, Jenna McBride

Nocona High School

Nocona High School recently got a new score board. Though the old one went through many amazing wins as well as some disappointing loses, it has recently become illegible to read. The nines were turning into eights, and it just didn’t hold the same flare that it used to. The old score board will be dearly missed by the students and families that have grown up around the old score board, but I think we’re all ready to show just how much pride the Indians really have by putting a few points up on the new one in the years to come.