OUTDOORS: Former First Lady Bush unveils plan for Monarchs

Conservation efforts for the Texas monarch butterfly and other native pollinators took center stage at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas on Tuesday.
Former First Lady and Founder of Texan By Nature Laura Bush and officials from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Service, National Wildlife Federation and United States Fish and Wildlife Service unveiled a conservation plan.
“In order for Texas to remain a thriving central flyway for the Monarch butterfly, we must join together to conserve and create an essential Monarch habitat,” Laura Bush said. “Conservation truly begins at home, and with more Texans lending their time, expertise, land and resources, we can ensure the Monarch butterfly – the state insect of Texas – is here to stay.”
The plan will be implemented by a task force, focusing on preserving the migration pattern of the Monarch butterfly. There will be education and outreach as well as research and monitoring.
Monarchs, along with 30 other species of native pollinator and flower-visiting species like bees and moths, have been identified as Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) in TPWD’s Conservation Action Plan. Read more in the weekend Bowie News.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. (Logo provided by the TPWD, used with permission)