New law will bring many changes for citizens

On Jan. 1, Texas becomes the 45th state to allow licensed citizens to carry handguns openly in public.

After that date, individuals will be eligible to apply for a license to openly carry firearms on their person. Previously, licenses could only be obtained to carry a concealed weapon.

State law allows residents age 21 and older, as well as those on active military duty, to obtain a license after undergoing a background check, taking classes and passing the written and hands-on test.

According to the Department of Public Safety under the new legislation, only those with this license to carry are allowed to “openly” carry a holstered handgun with some exceptions.

What used to be called a concealed handgun license is now known as a license to carry and is required to carry a handgun both openly and concealed. The same license authorizes both. Read the full story in the weekend News.