BOWIE BOOSTERS: Sprucing set for baseball

The Bowie High School baseball team was approved for locker room improvements.
The baseball team uses the home football locker room during the season, and they’d like to spruce it up with some baseball items.
Head baseball coach Ryan Rogers said most of the improvements will be geared toward signs; there will be a wall featuring former Jackrabbits who played professionally.
The baseball team raised $3,247 from various fundraisers, and the booster club will take care of the difference. Rogers received a quote for $4,334 for the improvements.
Head softball coach Brant Farris said the team’s “Fan Cloth” fundraiser went well. Money was split between the baseball and softball team from last Friday’s rib-and-brisket feed.
The softball team is still working on an order for new caps this season, Farris said. Read more in The Bowie News.

Bowie Jackrabbits. (Logo provided by the Bowie Independent School District)