City of Bowie building water reuse station to tap into bulk customers

By spring, the City of Bowie hopes to be using its new water reuse station to provide bulk effluent and treated water to its larger customers.

It was 2011 when the city partnered with Pioneer Natural Resources to construct a containment structure and install a variable speed pump to utilize the effluent water that flows out of the city wastewater plant.

This water was in big demand during the height of all the energy drilling across Montague County. The plant produces about 760,000 gallons per day, which was previously released downstream. This water meets all the requirements of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for safe disposal back into the water system.

While fracking has slowed, there are still many companies that purchase bulk water, both the effluent and treated water. City Manager Ricky Tow explains they wanted to find a better location because the pump site at the wastewater plant can be a tight fit for large trucks. Read the full story on this project in the mid-week News.

Pictured: City crews began hanging steel beams for the building at the water reuse station. (Courtesy photo)