HIGH SCHOOL FISHING: Bowie anglers open spring at Squaw Creek


The Bowie High School bass fishing club returns to the water today at the Squaw Creek Invitational near Granbury.
Fishing at Squaw Creek is a unique experience because the lake is heated, and a nuclear power plant is nearby.
“The water temperature is always between 72 and 75 degrees,” said BHS bass club coordinator Trent Gillaspia. “The fish will be active.”
Gillaspia said because the venue is small, fishing will be both competitive and a challenge.
“There’s going to be pressure on the fish,” he said.
In addition, there’s been plenty of activity at Squaw Creek recently with several other fishing tournaments taking place. It marks the first time the facility will be host to a high school event.
Gillaspia said the boys are excited to return to the boat ramp this weekend. Boat check is scheduled for 5:30 a.m., with weigh in at the public ramp beginning at 3 p.m. Read more, and see the season schedule, in the Feb. 20 Bowie News.

Bowie Bass Club. (Logo used with permission)