Nocona officials warn citizens of phone scam

Officials with the City of Nocona are warning citizens of a phone scam, with the caller claiming to be with the city.

The scammer placed calls on Monday and Tuesday informing business owners their utility bill was past due and attempted to collect payment over the phone. They claimed the business’s water would be shut off if they refused to pay.

None of the businesses contacted gave the caller any money.

Revell Hardison, city secretary, wants to remind citizens the City of Nocona will never call and ask for payment over the phone.

“We may call with a friendly reminder that you bill is past due,” said Hardison. “But we will never call and ask for payment. We are not capable of accepting payment over the phone with the current card system we have in place.”

If you receive a call from the scammer, please contact the Nocona Police at 940-825-3281 or the city office at 940-825-3282.