Bowie hospital sold; will become Central Hospital of Bowie

It was the end of a long journey, but Monday Bowie Hospital Authority directors  signed the sales agreement with Bowie Real Estate Holdings, L.P., operated by Dr. Faraz Hashmi. The company will buy the hospital and several of its adjacent buildings for $1.5 million. The parties will shoot for a May 16 closing date.  Dr. Hashmi said the new name for the reopened hospital will be Central Hospital of Bowie, and the company has plans for it to be part of a system that will ultimately expand to a regional health care center. BHA Chairman Tim Winn and Dr. Hashmi signed the documents, followed by a toast by those present. Read the full story in the mid-week News.


Pictured. Dr. Hashmi signs the sales agreement, after Chairman Tim Winn signed the documents. (Photo by Barbara Green)

3 Comments on Bowie hospital sold; will become Central Hospital of Bowie

  1. And to all those who frowned and threw a fit about the “no voters”, and cried about how Bowie would be without a hospital and to those who swore it would never be bought–what do you have to say now?? I don’t see many facebook posts right now about it, so I’m guessing an apology from those that whined is out of the question?
    And a personal note to someone I considered a friend and fellow church member–you called my husband an idiot because he said it would be bought and Re opened a matter of when was the question–I’m guessing there is nothing to say now, is there?

  2. My sister & I are twins, born Oct.1,1958. Both of our parents have passed, we were told years ago that we were the first set of twins born at Bowie Hospital, to a Dr. ??, & he gave us a year supple of milk!! Just wondering if this is the same hospital that was there in Bowie back in 1958? Thank you, Jan

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