Learning an instrument can improve your cognitive abilities

Everyone knows and understands the benefits of eating healthy and exercise. The outcomes from seeing someone exercise and eat a healthy diet is physically tangible. Most people also know that in order to live longer that you have to keep your brain active as well. So, what are the best ways to use and work out your brain especially as you get older? While it is a fantastic idea to take classes, read, work crossword, and Sudoku puzzles are all wonderful brain exercises, many researchers have found that learning to play an instrument, even at an older age, is one of the best ways work out your brain and advance your cognitive abilities. Study after study shows that children who learn to play instrument at a young age will help them be more disciplined, have higher grades, more artistically creative, and become better problem solvers.

This is due to the way that the mathematical, organizational, and creative combination of how playing an instrument effects the neurological processes in your brain. The left and right hemispheres in your brain are connected by the Corpus Collosum which communicates neurologically with the left and write parts of our brains. This is what makes learning a musical instrument so effective in improving one’s brains cognitive ability’s more so that any other activity including, sports, cooking, reading, painting, etc… So no matter what age or abilities you have, get out there and improve your quality of life by exercising your brain by learning an instrument.

– Miles Shaffer

To learn more watch this video bellow: