STORM CENTER: Time for new ‘blood’

Within the past week, The Bowie News has launched a campaign called, “Build A Better Bowie.”
One person who has lived that mantra, through the sphere of sport, is Keith Weber.
For the past 11 years, Weber has served as the president of first, Bowie Little Dribblers, and now the Bowie Youth Basketball Association (BYBA).
However, Weber reported to me that the 2016 season will be his last with the organization.
“It’s time for somebody else to step up and run it,” Weber said. “I’m only going to have one nephew playing in it (Austin Weber) this year.”
Weber recalled going to his first meeting 11 years ago, and immediately being thrust into the role of president.
Weber said he would be willing to show someone the ropes of how the BYBA works; however, such a person hasn’t materialized yet.
“I couldn’t have done this without Julie (Ogle),” Weber said of Ogle, who has served as the organization’s treasurer.
The BYBA season begins in November, when forms are sent homes with students in their backpacks. For information on BYBA, call Weber at 940-366-3672.

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Editor’s Note: The Storm Center column is the expressed written views of sports editor Eric Viccaro and not The Bowie News.

Bowie Youth Basketball Association president Keith Weber has reported this will be the last year he leads the organization. (News photo by Eric Viccaro)