Hail storm bombards Sunset, home and vehicles damaged

Hail bombarded Sunset in April causing extensive damage, just one of the big weather stories of the year. (News photo)


Monday evening, citizens of Sunset attempted to clean up and assess damage after a massive hail storm bombarded the community breaking out windows in homes, businesses and vehicles.

The first major spring storm blew through Montague County Monday around 4 p.m. It dropped golfball to baseball-size hail in portions of Clay County, sliding down U.S. Highway 287 skirting Bowie where pea-size hail was reported.

Near Sunset, Texas Department of Transportation officials said the section of U.S. 287 from the county line northward to about Fruitland Road was closed for a short time due to the heavy hail. The streets of Sunset were great with leaves beaten by the hail, while homes throughout the town had broken windows. Vehicles also could be seen with broken windshields and back glass.

Top photo: hail outside the Sunset Post Office. (Courtesy photo)

broken windows for web
The home of Kathy and Jack Ezzell received significant damage from Monday’s hail storm as all the front windows of their double-wide mobile home were broken out. (Courtesy photo)