Mr. Second Monday is smiling

Posted April 9, 2016
I went to gas up my car this morning and came back by the Bowie Knife and looked out at all the activities going on in my hometown. I saw kids playing soccer, Second Monday visitors shopping, and when I drove on through town to go home I saw all the revitalization in downtown. We may struggle when the oil boom ceases but whether you are a native Bowieite, a tourist or a World Champion Cowboy hunting a bargain at our renown Trade Days, this little city has True Grit!! We never give up and Mr. Second Monday is smiling down on his hometown today. Build a Better Bowie!!
Jan Brashear Browning, Bowie
Editor’s Note: Mrs. Browning is referring to her grandfather Marvin Brashear when she speaks of “Mr. Second Monday.” He was one of the key figures in getting Second Monday expanded to its present location.