Bowie Library so much more than the latest best-sellers


There is probably no busier place in Bowie than its public library.

It may be someone looking for the latest best-seller or a child enjoying a colorful picture book.

A patron may be using the public computers to search for a new job or it could be a person scouring historical resources researching family genealogy.

Then it could be someone looking for a quiet place to do work on their laptop using the library Wi-Fi.

The Bowie Public Library serves so many needs it certainly qualifies as a primary community asset for not only Bowie, but the entire county. Its card holders span far past the city limits.

Beth Hiatt has been leading library operations since January 2012 when she was named director. However, the library was not new to her; she spent one year working at the library during 2007 before moving to the city office to work.

Hiatt says the whole point of the library is to supply the community with its information, which means it must stay as up-to-date as possible in not only its basic resources, but in technology.

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