Commuting a way of life for many; Bowie makes a convenient homebase

van for web
A group of local Peterbilt employees share expenses to travel in a Denton Transit commuter van each day. Mark Wheeler and Reyse Richardson arrive home after a day’s work at Peterbilt in Denton. (Photo by Dani Blackburn)


Many choose a small town life for the lower crime rates, a sense of community, lower cost of living and quiet atmosphere.

But the lack of job opportunities in a smaller town can be quite frustrating for residents, leading many to commute outside of their hometown.

The American Community Survey released in 2013 by the United States Census Bureau found roughly 38 million Americans commute outside their home county to their jobs every day, an 18 percent increase from 1980.

The census in 2010 found here in North Texas, more than eight percent of the workforce travels at least 60 minutes each way to work.

Bowie creates a unique opportunity to enjoy small town life with an easy commute due to six major highways intersecting the town, including U.S. Highway 287 that offers quick access to Wichita Falls and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Many works are choosing to make their homes here and travel to work.

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