Mentoring program very reward for participants

From the moment you presented Build a Better Bowie, I wanted to submit the idea of the Bowie School mentor program that Mr. Mark Neese recently implemented at Bowie Elementary and is assisting at all campuses.
Personally, I went through the training.  I was so excited to help someone…anyone!  I’ve been having meetings with my mentee for few months now.  It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.
I dont have time to write all that I can say about it, but should you be interested in writing a story about the mentor program, I would love to contribute.
Just a thought that I wanted to share!
Have a good day!
 Brenda Ogle
Editor’s Note: Thank you Brenda for the comment. I did a story on the program the week before they began the large group training and the school staff for very excited for it to start. Glad it is making an impact for mentors and students.