Prayer, patriotism always helpful

(1) I do believe with all my heart, prayer is the number one thing we can do always. (2)  I would love to see signs at every entrance to Bowie that said, “Bowie, Texas we honor God and country” and/or   “We salute our troops”.  (3) We could repeat the Pledge of Allegiance at more functions and begin every function with prayer   (4) Display more flags in town and be certain to replace the fainted ones as soon as possible. (5) Monthly or by-monthly articles written by The Bowie News on Bowie (or surrounding towns) Veterans or by the widow of a Veteran. Wonder how many heroes live among us today? (6) I would like to see Bowie have the highest voting percentage in the nation.  It is our civic duty and an honor to vote.

Barbara J. Hamilton


Editor’s Note: Those all sound like good items to consider to improve our community. We would be open to any submissions by any of our veterans or family members, if they have stories to share. Thank you for your submission.