City of Bowie to begin chlorine burnout

City of Bowie water system customers may notice some minor odor and taste issues with their water during the next 30 days as the water treatment system changes out its disinfectant.

Water Plant Manager Jerry Sutton said the “Chlorine burnout” will begin on June 17 and run 30 days. This is a seasonal task that usually begins with the start of summer.

Sutton explains the plant uses a combination of ammonia and chlorine called chloramines. Over time those build up in the system and the plant must change over to straight chlorine for 28 days to clear it.

At the end of 30 days, the chloramines will be added back to the system and the water should return to normal.

People dependant on dialysis machines are urged to take extra precautions to insure all disinfectants are removed before using any water.

Those who maintain fish tanks also should check any water they may use in the tank.


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  1. Soooooo we as a customer must still pay the same water bill for infected chlorine water…

    • Lindsey I certainly would not want to be the one to say, however, the water is still approved by the state and tested every day of the week.

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