Fall clean-up for all, swimming for your health

Neva Lindell offered several ideas for the Build a Better Bowie campaign.

“The Big Fall Haul”

Organize a weekend(s) in the fall to clean up the junk just lying around.

This could include old sofas, stoves, broken toys, non-working appliances, branches under four-feet long, etc. Haul ‘em away. Beautify Bowie.

•The Big Fall Haul would be free to residents.

• Put a bid out to hire (Montague County) one or four big truck teams to haul it away.

• Set up command posts in parking lots in all parts of town.

• Organize groups of volunteers to coordinate loading.

• The adult volunteers could be individuals or teams from VFW, Kiwanis, church groups, etc.

• Young adult volunteers could be Boy Scouts, FFA, 4-H or church groups.

• These volunteers could go out Thursday and knock on doors to see if folks needed stuff toted to the curb.

• Saturday, load it up and haul it away.

• Volunteers who help and residents who need their help would need to fill out a hold harmless agreement.

• The truck companies would have to sign a COI and hold harmless.

• The city could pay for the big trucks, dump fees and provide cookies and coffee for the command stations. Apply for a grant to help cover costs.

• Promote The Big Fall Haul heavily: Bowie News, 81/2X11-inch fliers for businesses and churches, and the radio station. Maybe Wendy can talk about it.

• If successful, it could be an annual event.

Summer Fun

The outdoor pool is beautiful. Consider having extended pool hours.

• Lap swimming from 7-9 a.m. or 7-9 p.m.

• Maybe a morning fitness class.

This could be a low-cost way to promote fitness and fun in the community. It would also provide employment and responsibility for guards.

Promote in the Bowie News, flyers and on the radio station. Maybe there is a grant to help fund this.