Small group of citizens attend groundwater hearing


Less than a dozen citizens attended Monday night’s public hearing of the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District board of directors regarding the approval of “desired future conditions” for the four-county district.

On Monday, the board conducted the second of two public hearings on the DFCs, which were approved by the Groundwater Management Area 8, which includes the Upper Trinity district. The first hearing was in Springtown, where the main office is located with the second hearing in Bowie.

Doug Shaw, general manager, explained a desired future condition represents an acceptable physical state of the aquifer or its subdivisions at some point in the future. In this instance it represents acceptable future water level declines during the course of a 50-year period.

There were 10 citizens in attendance during Monday night’s hearing, with many from the Forestburg area who are involved with the Montague County Property Owners Association and its efforts to monitor groundwater usage.

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Pictured: Members and staff of the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District conducted a public hearing on desired future conditions for the region during a Monday night hearing in Bowie. (Photo by Barbara green)