Bowie mayor returning to commissioners with more EMS information

City of Bowie Mayor Larry Slack will return to the Montague County Commissioner’s Court on Monday to present further details on the city’s ambulance service and the subsidy provided by the county to the city.

On June 13 Slack talked with the court about the $18,000 annual stipend which has not been increased during the last 20 years. Nocona Hospital Ambulance Service receives $15,000 and the Saint Jo Volunteer Fire Department ambulance receives $12,504.

The mayor asked the court to consider making adjustments to the stipend due to the large number of out of city calls the Bowie service handles.

Commissioners asked the mayor to return with additional details that further separated costs of the service. Several commissioners stated there are costs that are inherent with ambulance operations, which should not be included.

Read the full agenda in the weekend News.