Commissioners say budget is too tight this year to help


It has been 20 years since the subsidy paid to the three Montague County ambulance services was increased and things don’t look promising for any change this year due to budget constraints.

However, the commissioner’s court on Monday told Bowie Mayor Larry Slack they will see if any increase is possible this year and then begin work on further remedies.

Slack returned to the court to provide additional details requested after his June 27 presentation to the court on the Bowie Emergency Medical Service. In June the mayor reviewed the financial status and operational data of the EMS that serves almost all of the southern portion of the county about 400 square miles.

Montague County pays a stipend of $18,000 a year to Bowie EMS, plus $15,000 to Nocona General Hospital EMS and $12,504 to Saint Jo Volunteer Fire Department Ambulance. This figure was first paid in fiscal year 1995-96 and has not been changed since that time.

Commissioner Mark Murphey questioned the mayor’s figures asking why the city sent a rescue truck on an ambulance call instead of calling on Bowie Rural VFD to make the run. He questioned the duplication of service and asked for a breakdown on those calls.

Read the full story in the mid-week News.

Pictured, Bowie Mayor Larry Slack discusses ambulance operations with the Montague County Commissioners on Monday. (photo by Barbara Green)


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  1. They don’t cover all of the southern part of the county. Look at the article picture to see their area. They out right lied to a different department and lied to the commissioners saying that same department dosent cover their area.

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