Community Garden

Pamela Neu offered an idea for the Build a Better Bowie campaign: a community garden. Her job as a social worker in this area has opened her eyes to the need for access to nutritionally rich foods that may otherwise be unavailable to low-income families and individuals.

She has spoken with the Bowie Mission about locating the garden next to their building; however, funds would need to be raised for the water, topsoil, seeds, etc.

There would be many benefits to a community garden in Bowie, including:

  • Fostering the development of a community identity and spirit
  • Providing opportunities to meet neighbors
  • Producing nutritious foods
  • Producing traditional crops otherwise unavailable locally
  • Unique opportunities to teach youth about where food comes from, the importance of community and stewardship and bring them close to nature
  • Providing a significant source of food
  • Allowing families and individuals without land of their own the opportunity to produce food




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  1. Thank you for publishing this! If anyone is interested in being a part of this please feel free to contact me. Come participate in this advocacy; such a nutrionally fun way to learn and “grow” together as a community. Pamela Neu

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