OUTDOORS: More CWD cases confirmed

Thirteen new cases of chronic wasting disease were confirmed at a Medina County captive white-tailed deer breeding facility on June 29.
Those were the findings of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Animal Health Commission.
The cases were discovered while conducting an epidemiological investigation on the quarantined facility after a 3½-year-old captive white-tailed doe tested positive for CWD back in April 2016.
The doe was tested due to increased surveillance required by the facility’s TAHC herd plan.
United States Department of Agriculture diagnostic sampling funds were used to conduct the testing – which took place at the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa.
Of the 33 samples, 13 revealed the presence of CWD.
Agencies will be working closely with the facility owner to develop future testing strategies to assess CWD prevalence in the facility.
With the new cases, 25 total white-tailed deer have confirmed positive for CWD in the state – since June 2015. Read more from this outdoors notebook in the June 6 Bowie News.

State agencies have confirmed 13 more cases of chronic wasting disease in deer. (Courtesy photo by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, used with permission)