Bowie needs fiber optic internet

Bowie needs a fiber optic Internet service. Business do more business online and they need it. It also could be a selling point to get more businesses to move in.

Submitted by Wade Bullock of Bowie

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  1. Editor’s Note: Sounds like an excellent idea Wade, technology is changing every day and we have to keep up. Appreciate your input.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Bowie does have fiber provided by AT&T for some commercial businesses and more are getting added all the time but this isn’t a residential solution. It is extremely expensive (over $600 per month) and is only being provided to businesses who meet certain criteria. I think the only way we are going to get better internet is to get a company to come in willing to pay the huge initial cost to get started laying the infrastructure and compete with AT&T. Faster internet wouldn’t just benefit people who want a better home experience but it would encourage businesses and individuals who want to live in smaller communities to settle down here and still be able to function on a global scale.

    Ronnie DeMoss

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