Campus carry comes to Midwestern State; next August for NCTC

Beginning Aug. 1, concealed handgun license holders will be allowed into public university classrooms and dormitories.
The initiation of campus carry makes Texas one of a handful of states that guarantees the right to carry concealed handguns on campuses of four-year public universities.
Locally, Midwestern State University has implemented policies for the new campus carry law, but the law will not go into effect for community colleges, such as North Central Texas College, until August 2017.
James Fitch, director of public safety for NCTC-Gainesville, said leading up to the Aug. 1 start for campus carry at four-year universities, they have been trying to get information out about it not apply to NCTC until next year.
“We have had some students ask about it so we are trying to educate the campus community through the web and Facebook to make them aware. We will be going through the same processes during the next year the four-year schools just completed,” explained Fitch.

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