City fires up new wastewater belt press

In August, the City of Bowie wastewater processing plant staff fired up its new belt press last week as a company representative set-up the unit that is expected to help the city save money on disposal and extend the life of the older belt press.
Purchase of the belt press, which is a dewatering system for plant sludge, has been on the water treatment center’s capital wish list for several years; however, its $250,000 price tag never made the cut during budget time.
As the city staff planned the utility retrofit for water and electric meters, Ameresco staff and city financial advisers found they could include the belt press in the program. The nearly $3.7 million project is funded through a 15-year Qualified Energy Conservation Bond program with a one percent interest rate. The new press will help reduce the load on the 10-year-old belt press, as well as providing a new more efficient machine.