Dispose of your trash properly

Submitted by Kristel Cumpler, Bowie

As I’ve been enjoying early morning walks this summer, it has occurred to me that Bowie is fortunate to have many pleasant homes on its numerous shady, tree-lined streets. However, I have also noticed that Bowie’s appealing, small-town atmosphere has been unfortunately marred by an excessive amount of trash in the streets and along the curbs. Most of the trash I see has probably been tossed out of moving vehicles. Disposing of trash properly is a simple and easy thing for anyone to do. It takes no effort to keep a plastic grocery bag in your vehicle (I hang mine on the gear shift) and then empty the bag in your home trash bin once that becomes necessary. If we want to build a better Bowie, it makes sense to start with the small things over which we all have control. Your trash is your responsibility, and if we all accept that responsibility and use conscientious and courteous disposal habits, we will make positive strides toward helping our hometown become the great place that it can be.

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  1. Editor’s Note: Maybe it’s time for a seasonal clean-up day? What do you think community?

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