Safe, protected community vital in picking your home

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This is an ongoing series featuring all aspects of Bowie in The Bowie News’ Build a Better Bowie campaign.

Bowie is a place where doors may often be left unlocked and kids can play in their front yards.

That sense of safety, and living without the fear of violent crimes, is a key reason people reside in a rural community such as Bowie.

There are those who are born into a small-town life, and those who choose it for themselves and their families. Safety is typically a factor in that choice.

“A sense of community is one of the reasons people migrate to this town,” said Mayor Larry Slack. “There are are a lot of good people here. Neighbors watch out for each other’s property and parents watch out for other’s kids, something those in big cities are not usually fortunate enough to experience. When you have others watching out for you, it makes it a safer place to live.”

Slack explained the town has many other benefits regarding safety, including a number of emergency departments with well-trained members.

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