HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Nazarene stops Forestburg

Forestburg played yet another competitive game against Crowley Nazarene Christian this year; however, the Longhorns came up short again.
“It was two physical football teams, and the game went back and forth,” Forestburg assistant coach and superintendent John Metzler said. Metzler subbed for head coach Wayne Tuckwell.
“We made more errors than them in the game,” Metzler added.
This week, Forestburg will prepare for a Savoy team that defeated Saint Jo at Harley Sewell Field this past Friday.
Savoy will use an odd-man front with a nose guard at the point of attack on defense. Meanwhile, the Cardinals will use both spread and tight formations on offense.
Metzler hopes Homecoming this week won’t be a distraction, especially with several freshmen on the squad.
Metzler reported Tuckwell will make every effort possible to be back and coach the Longhorns in this game.
J.D. Moore went 14-of-32 passing with 221 yards, three TD and one interception. Bear Osteen amassed 166 yards from eight receptions with four scores. Osteen also rushed for 65 yards while J.D. Moore had 153 yards.

Forestburg’s Bear Osteen amassed 166 yards in receptions in Friday’s lost to Crowley Nazarene Christian. (News photo by Eric Viccaro)