Sheriff’s deputies investigating fight at Gold-Burg School

Officers from the Montague County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a fight between a Gold-Burg High School student and a group of five males last Friday afternoon.
Investigator Chris Hughes said the sheriff’s office was called to the scene about 4:35 p.m. on Sept. 2 for a fight that was occurred behind the building outside the back door of the gym.
Billy Rogers, 17, a student at the school, had reportedly been in an altercation with a male subject at McDonald’s in Bowie earlier that day or the day before said Hughes. Rogers said he had received a text message from Emilio Mendoza, 19, a former Bellevue student, allegedly saying he was coming to the school to fight him.
“Mendoza said he wanted to fight him because he had been talking crap about him,” said the investigator.

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