The creepy clown trend that appears to be sweeping the nation has made a stop in Bowie; but according to police, it was a text threat and not a live incident in the city.
A terroristic threat complaint was filed with the Bowie Police on Oct. 4 after a 16-year-old girl in Bowie received phone calls and a text message from a number in Denton.
Police Chief Guy Green said the young woman received several phone calls from a number she did not recognize, so she did not answer. The teen sent a text to the number asking who it was, and the following text with a clown photo came back to her.

According to police, the text said the following: “It’s Larry you know me, or at least you will soon. Here’s a picture of what I look like. One day when you’re just foolin’ around not paying attention you won’t even know I’m there when I just pop up to show u a visit, you also won’t know that it’s the last day of your life as well…good luck.”

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