Commissioners meet for regular agenda Monday

Montague County Commissioners will meet at 9 a.m. on Oct. 24.
The court may rework the previously approved plan to even out pay periods in the sheriff’s office.
Monday’s agenda list consider rescinding court order approved earlier this month that would have taken the amount of hours and divided into the pay periods to make it more even.
Law enforcement staff due to the nature of the shift work have a different overtime threshold than other county staff. Sheriff Paul Cunningham asked for the changes.
County Tax Assessor Collector Syd Nowell will offer the 2016 certified tax roll.
Other agenda items
• Approve a memo of agreement between the Helen Farabee Centers and county.
• Accept bid from Jason Nindorf for a lot in Oak Shores on a tax sale.
• Consider request from the Zayo Group for road crossings on Wade Road, College and Forest Avenues and Boone Street in precinct one; and a road crossing in precinct two on Briar Creek Road, Shady Oak Lane and Old Vashti Road.
• Discuss a plan agreement for 2017 for the Texas County and District Retirement System.
• Consider a wireless customer agreement with Verizon for the county.
• Monthly treasurer reports, minutes, reports and bills.