Commissioners to pursue hazard mitigation plan with Nortex

Montague County entered into an memorandum of understanding with the Nortex Regional Planning Commission to develop a countywide mitigation plan that could assist not only the county in the event of disaster, but also cities and school districts.
Commissioners met with Mike Bland, director of emergency planning with Nortex, during a called meeting Wednesday. Tom Jones, also with Nortex, was in attendance.
County Judge Rick Lewis explained the county has no mitigation plan and it recently came up during the application for federal emergency disaster funding. Lewis added he was able to find there was an effort in 2006 to get a plan together, but it did not materialize.
Bland explained a hazard mitigation plan relates to making repairs that hopefully will stop a similar damage in the future, as well as protection from disaster such as safe rooms or tornado shelters. Read the full story in the weekend News.

Pictured: Mike Bland of Nortex addressed the Montague County Commissioners Wednesday. (Photo by Barbara Green)