Door-to-door, trunk-or-treat? New family traditions being created for Halloween night action

Trick-or-treating is a Halloween custom dating back to as early as 1911 in the United States, with children dressing up in their favorite costume and going door-to-door to ask for candy and special treats.
Expect to see Elsa’s, zombies and batmen roaming the streets on Halloween night.
While a longtime family tradition, Halloween has changed over the years due to safety and social concerns.
Parents are searching for a safer and more convenient alternative choose to take their children to trunk-or-treats; an alternative trend that grew out of fall festivals in the mid-1990’s and continues to gain popularity.
Trunk-or-treats shifts children gathering candy door-to-door to a parking lot where cars, typically decorated, are lined up to pass out candy.
The Bowie News received feedback from local parents on their plans for Halloween through a recent Facebook post. Responses were split evenly between door-to-door and trunk-or-treat.

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