Nocona ISD voters ponder impact of a bond issue

The current Nocona High School was built in 1952; a time when telephones had just made their way into American homes, children road in their mother’s lap in the car and a gallon of gas could be purchased for 20 cents.
The world has transformed since the first students graced the halls of the current high school, and now some of those student’s grandchildren sit in the same classrooms.
While the needs for a new high school may be understandable, the financial impact of building such a facility is raising concerns among Nocona taxpayers.
Nocona Independent School District officials will ask voters for a second time this year to approve a bond package to build a new high school.
The $16.8 million bond is $1.7 million higher than the original proposal presented in May, which failed 552-426.

The tax impact of the bond proposal is anticipated to be 0.437 cents per $100 value. The total tax rate is expected to be $1.477, with the current maintenance and operation rate at $1.04. Nocona ISD currently has no debt.

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