Rhetoric fuels rumors, questions about election voting

The heated presidential race, coupled with rhetoric from a candidate about a “rigged system” has fueled skepticism and doubt prompting every aspect of voting to come into question.
Montague County Elections Administrator Brandi Shipman said this week she has had people question the type of machines that are being used, demand a paper ballot and question the hours of an early voting location.
Regarding the paper ballot, Shipman said someone demanded a paper ballot indicating they do not trust the electronic system. That citizen told Shipman federal law allows her to ask for a paper ballot; however, the administrator said this is no such stipulation.
In a fully electronic county, said Shipman, the only paper ballot is by mail where eligibility is based on disability, age or being absent on election day.

Responding to questions, Shipman has submitted a letter to the editor which is published in Saturday’s Bowie News and answers many of these questions.  Please see the Saturday print edition to see the full letter.

Montague County appears to be heading to a record early voter turnout with one week left. Through Thursday at 4 p.m. the early voting total for the county was 3,002, which is 22.54 percent of the eligible voters.

Read the full story in the weekend News.